Per the CDC recommendations, our church will not meet in person for the next several weeks. Services are available on Facebook Live at 10 a.m on Sundays. Small Groups are happening virtually throughout the week. We'll continue exploring other avenues to help stay connected during these difficult times.

Connecting to the Source

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We were each made for greatness. We were created to do great things, to bring good into this world. Sometimes, aware of this truth, I can shrink back and feel inadequate, overwhelmed, and then do nothing. Or sometimes I can overextend myself try to do too much and then become dry and empty and realize I still haven t given enough. But God is God. He is Powerful and Kind. He is the source of power and love. So how can we learn to rely on Him, rest and be still with Him, connect with Him, and find His strength?

In this message, Dove blends a smoothie as a demonstration of the greatness God intends for us and shares part of his journey in learning to find power, love, and life in Christ.

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