On 7/5 we will hold service at our west location. We will not be at our airport on July 5th. Childcare will not be available. More information is available on our Events Page. Services are also available on Facebook Live at 10 a.m on Sundays. Small Groups are happening on Zoom throughout the week. We invite you to connect with us virtually until you feel comfortable meeting with us in person!

Kingdom of Heaven

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Jesus is a life giver and we want to be a life-giving church. The life we want occurs as we engage in living actively as members of the kingdom of heaven (or in “kingdom living”). Our hope is in the kingdom now, the things that are coming, and the things that will be. This changes how we look at life and live life! In this message we will look more deeply into this amazing life and these probing questions: What is this life we want to be giving to others? How do we possess more of this life for ourselves? How will we give away the life we possess?

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