Per the CDC recommendations, our church will not meet in person for the next several weeks. Services are available on Facebook Live at 10 a.m on Sundays. Small Groups are happening virtually throughout the week. We'll continue exploring other avenues to help stay connected during these difficult times.

We Are the Church

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The church is a beautiful thing, precious to God, and a source of good to the world. The Biblical word church does not describe a building where people meet, or an event, but a group of people. We are the church. Being the church has many wonderful dynamics and is a rich experience I would like you to enjoy. As the church we are a family, may you experience a place of deep belonging. As the church we are a body with Jesus as the head, may you experience being needed and having a significant role to play. As the church we are each a brick in a mighty building, may you experience being entrusted with a pressure treasure that is within. As the church we are an army, may you experience having a position on an important mission. As the church we are the bride of Christ, may you experience being loved, delighted in, and cared for. How wonderful to be the children of God!

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