A Non-Denominational, Christian Church

What to expect your first time at the Rio

We’re At Your Service

It's not an easy thing to walk into a new church for the first time. If you're thinking about stopping by to check out a service, we understand the risk you are taking. Our goal is to take away the stress and make it as easy as we can for you to walk through our doors.

The first thing you need to know is that The Rio Church is designed to be a church for all people, but especially people who aren't that comfortable with religion. Jesus was famous for spending time out in the streets with non-religious people. Jesus never meant church to be an exclusive club with cultural rules and an elite membership. And we will never be that kind of place.

Don't worry if you don't know the songs we sing or don't know your way around the Bible. Don't worry if you have issues in your life. We all do - even the guys who give the sermons.

You will not be judged at The Rio.

When and Where

Our meeting location is: 
155 McCutcheon
El Paso, TX 79932

It is across the street from the Adventure Zone off of Redd road. Take I10 to Redd. Go west on Redd past the Adventure Zone and turn left on McCutcheon right before you get to Doniphan. We're on the right side of the street in the strip mall. 10-11:30 Sunday mornings.

Our mailing address is: 
The Rio Church
725 Montclair Dr.
El Paso, TX 79932

What Should I Wear?

You don't have to wear a suit to come to The Rio. In fact whatever you are wearing right now will do just fine. Jeans, sandals, t-shirts, tattoos, piercings . . . you can find them all at our services. Just don't judge the guy that is wearing slacks and a collar when you come. Jesus judges by the heart and not by outer appearances.

Will You Ask For Money?

No. We don't pass an offering plate at The Rio.

No ushers. No envelopes. No plates. No one watching.

We have a giving box in the lobby for those who want to give an offering in private because they want to.

What’s A Service Like?

It can change a little from week to week, but we always start with some loud and vibrant music! You are welcome to stand and sing with us or just relax and take it all in.

After the music, we'll break to let the kids go to their classrooms and take a few minutes to get some refreshments and say hi to each other because a church is a family, not a building.

Once the children are gone we'll bring out the snakes and the poison and the fun will really get started.

Not really.

Our pastor will give a message relating the reality of God to practical, daily life. The series topics range from things like explanations of different books in the Bible to real-life topics like forgiveness, relationships, parenting, and grace.

The goal of our messages is not condemnation and guilt, but grace and practical help. We want to build people up, not tear them down. We offer real answers to tough questions, but with understanding and compassion.

After the service, you'll be welcome to get more coffee and food and hang out and get to know us.

What About My Kids?

We love kids at The Rio. We don't have a choice, because we have lots of them.

You are welcome to keep your kids with you during the service or take advantage of our kids' Sunday school. Whatever you are comfortable with.

We have different classrooms set up for the kids during the message, but be forewarned - if you send your children to one of our classes once, they won't leave you alone until you bring them back!

We are passionate about giving children a strong foundation of Godly teaching and giving them a good time while we are at it.

We're not interested in teaching the next generation that church is boring and irrelevant.