A Non-Denominational, Christian Church

Welcome to a
journey of change.

Welcome to a journey of change

The Rio is a community of people who are passionate about knowing and experiencing God. We are creating a place where everyone, regardless of their background, can come to hear what the Bible says and learn about Jesus. 

Jesus was known among the religious crowd as a friend of sinners. His message was an invitation for people of all types to come to him and follow him as they were. He didn't ask the people of his day to clean up their act before coming to him, and neither will we. Come as you are.

Of course, we hope that all of us will grow and change as we learn to trust Jesus with our lives. We come to him broken and sinful, but he promises to forgive us, make us new, and help us become different people. That is our hope and experience! Read some of our stories below.

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We’d love to have you start your journey with us. We are a non-denominational Christian church, and we meet Sunday mornings at 10:00 in west El Paso, Texas. Our building is near the intersection of Redd and Doniphan. Here’s what you can expect when you visit.


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155 McCutcheon Ln.
El Paso, TX 79932

Sundays: 10:00 - 11:30 am