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A Disciple in Heart

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The greatest disciples throughout history, from Jesus’ Twelve all the way to modern-day martyrs, have something in common. They don’t care. They don’t care about what others think, about their own personal gain, or even about their own lives. This one commonly held attribute allows them to live with abandon and care about the things that really matter—the things that are on the heart of Jesus. What is it that motivates a disciple to care so little about the things that consume the rest of us? If we could grasp the motivations of these great men and women of the faith, we could also let go of our cares about the things that hold us back, and live with focus and purpose for the things that are truly worth caring about! Then we could go big for God and live with great joy, even in the midst of challenging lives!

This is Steve’s Faithwaker’s 2016 message entitled “Am I a Disciple in Heart”:

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