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Do to Others as God has Done to Us

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What the world needs is courageous people who are willing to bring God’s love into this world. 


But that doesn’t mean frantic energy, trying to change the world on our own strength.  We must be grounded in God’s love if we are to have anything to bring to this world.  We must be able to stop and connect with the love of God.  Even in crazy times we must be able to turn off everything, go into the inner room, physically and spiritually, and sit in God’s love.  This act is not burying our heads in the sand, it is putting on our oxygen masks first.  It is receiving that we might give.  If we are to be a loving presence of life and influence in this world, we must continue to grow roots into the love of God.  How do you connect to the source of all love, God, who loves you deeply?

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