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God is Sufficient in our Weakness

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We live in a world where we admire the things that are better, bigger, faster.  There is often an unspoken expectation to not have weaknesses but to always be strong and capable.  But the reality is we all have weaknesses.  We all fall short in one way or another.  If we are excelling in one area of our lives another is often slipping. We may pretend or hope not to have weaknesses but when we are honest they are always there.  So, what do we do with our weakness?  Should we focus on them, try to fix them all, and engage in the relentless pursuit for perfection?  Or should we hide them, cover them up, and only emphasize the best parts of ourselves to others?

God’s solution is very different.  It is His sufficiency that can become our hope.  We can make His resume our resume.  We can be confident in His power, and His unending grace towards us.

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