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Heart of David 10: The Steadfast Love of God

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What if love was unchangeable, steadfast, a foundation?  What if being loved was bedrock, the starting point to build on?  What if we were loved not because of something we did or because of some characteristic we possessed but because someone has decided to love us?  What if we were always loved, in our greatest moments and in our lowest, when we thought we were incredible and when we thought we were despicable. 

One of the greatest things I have learned and am still learning in my journey with God, is that God loves me unconditionally.  I am loved.  I am always loved by God.  I am loved when I recognize it and when I don’t.   I am loved in such a steadfast way that it is who I am.  I am loved not when or because I deserve it, nor when I think I have earned it, but because God who is love has chosen to love me.  I am loveable because he has decided to love me.  Therefore because this love is dependent on him, not on my loveability, this love does not shift with my performance. 

God loves me with a steadfast love, a faithful love, an unconditional love, a relentless love. 

And God loves you with a steadfast love as well.

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