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Loving Authority – A Higher Calling 12

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What comes to mind when you think of authority and the submission to authority?  Our own experience and cultural context have inevitably shaped that view.  We probably all know examples of the abuse of authority and realize the potential to be taken advantage of.  As we look deeper, we see that a loving authority is something found in God and designed by him.  This authority brings unity, order, direction, and protection.  We find the example of Jesus as one under authority to the Father.  We also see his charge and example as an authority who lays down his life, thinking of how he can serve.  With the example of Christ in mind we look through 1 Corinthians 11, and into the creation of men and women as a reflection of the image of God.  The Apostle Paul’s call is for men to have a role of loving authority in the church and at home.  This is a challenging call but if men and women are willing to walk in it, following the example of Jesus, we can portray a beautiful picture of God, experience unity, and honor Him as our ultimate loving authority.

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