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Ongoing Freedom From Sin

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After I gave this message on Sunday, I was looking around at the scene.  There was an overturned table which had fallen with a loud crash and coins scattered around.  I had reenacted (in a much more mild way) what Jesus had done when he had cleared out the temple of God.  He had driven out those who had turned his Father’s house of prayer into a marketplace.  The thought came to me even more clearly: we are the temple of God.  How much more does God want to sweep our inner lives free of the destructive power of sin, and make it a place of prayer.  The picture before me with overturned tables, is a reflection of what Jesus has done in my life and continues to do.  He sweeps out the sin, the rebellion, the lesser things, and heals up the brokenness, bringing freedom and newness from within.  May God continue to transform us from within, that we might love God more than the pathetic things that offer us life but only bring death.  May we each find in Him ongoing freedom. 

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