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Prophecy by Steve Nelson – DTC/HSLT 2016

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The Bible is full of amazing teachings about God’s love for people and His relentless pursuit of their hearts. In the culmination of His plan, He gave His special son to die on the cross so that our sins could be paid for. It’s an amazing story, but only if it is true. There are numerous reasons to believe that the Bible is true: the evidence for a creator is compelling, it’s an amazingly well preserved ancient document, evidence for a biblical Jesus, and archaeology aligns with and confirms the biblical account. Perhaps the most compelling evidence for the Bible is the amazing prophecies that it contains. These prophecies make a strong case that the Bible was not authored by men, but by God. You can trust the Bible.

This message is from the 2016 Discipleship Training Camp (DTC) / High School Leadership Training (HSLT). The theme of this high school conference was “Reasons.” Many great teachings were given that help form a solid basis for the Christian faith. The rest of these teachings are available at the Mountain West Region website.

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