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Soldier, Cupcake, Christian – A Higher Calling 17

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The church in Corinth had serious issues that Paul addressed throughout 1 Corinthians. He spoke so strongly on at times that you might think his letter to them would have ended their relationship. Yet as he concluded his letter in chapter 16, instead of writing an it-was-nice-knowing-you ending to their relationship, he penned a very ordinary conclusion, as if he actually expected them to respond well to his stinging words. And the reality is, we later find in 2 Corinthians that the Corinthians did respond well, and their relationship to Paul continued in a healthy manner. What was it about their thinking that allowed them to take such strong input without walking away?

The church in Corinth saw themselves not just as believers in Jesus, but as followers. They didn’t live as people getting a free ticket to heaven, but as disciples living under a new paradigm. Being shaped and molded by Paul’s input was a necessary part of their spiritual journey that would help them live the higher calling—to grow to be more like Jesus and then to have impact as transformed followers of Jesus!

The good life for a Christian is to live as a soldier of Jesus rather than as a volunteer at a bake sale. We are living with purpose and not as those dutifully putting in their time without expecting the challenges that help us live with impact.

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