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Too Smart for God?: A Higher Calling 2

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In a culture where intellect and worldly wisdom is praised, God’s wisdom is often neglected or belittled.  Many seem to think we have become too smart for God.  In this look at 1 Corinthians chapter 2, human wisdom is contrasted with the vast mystery of God’s wisdom.  The chapter lays out how God’s wisdom is revealed through His Spirit, beyond the intellect of the human mind.  God’s wisdom is not about information but actual transformation, the supernatural power of His Son in people’s lives.

As we look into how to attain this wisdom, the path we find is through humility and the fear of the LORD.  God’s heroes are the ones who trust in the power of the cross, not in themselves.  The wisdom of God is not something to inform us of something new but to transform those who will believe into someone new.

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